Inside of the Volcano Tolbachik

Going inside a caldera of Tolbachik volcano - this team of the few bloggers and explorers travelled right inside this active volcano. "We were wandering two days across those Martian landscapes", remembers one of the tourists, the photographer, "I couldn't believe that this is a landscape of the Earth - it is that unusual and I never thought anything like this before". So would you like to see the burned lands of the Tolbachik too? Then thanks to Nikolai, the photographer we can see what he saw inside there.

"This ground looks firm but your legs drop inside this all the time", say Nik.

The clouds and nearby other volcanoes added to the un-Earth beauty of the place.

By the way photos are clickable for real widescreen images.

"We later found real fire inside this. The soles of my boots melted!", says the photographer.


On the Set of a Soviet Movie 1966

In 1966 Life magazine for some reason was invited on a set of Soviet hit movie Aibolit-66 about cult animal doctor that was a hero of Russian books cartoons and TV series.

If you want to take a look then see it inside of this post. It was filmed on a warm Russian coast of probably the Black and Caspian seas – which should have been mimicked Africa, as the Doctor, the antagonist went to Africa to save animals and fight evil guy Barmalei which was played by the director himself.

They called it Russian “Art-House” movie.


Another Frozen Flood Accident: Freezing Town of Dudinka

You see this car? It’s almost a meter deep frozen into the ice. Why is that? Yet another horrible accident midst winter cold when the pipes got ruptured and nobody seemed to care for time enough for tens of cars were flooded and frozen.

See more photos of this aftermath inside:

The name of this location is Dudinka.

The locals of Dudinka say that the administration was asking them to constrain from publishing comments or photos on Internet. But you know, once posted cannot be unposted.

I am not even sure how this cars can be recovered. Maybe in summer when ice completely melts down. In some places the snow and ice stays till June.

It’s a lobby entrance into a house.