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Aircraft Repair Plant No 514

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Marina Lystseva aka Fotografersha, another Russian blogger, visited “Sokol” factory and Rzhevsky aircraft repair plant in Nizhny Novgorod, that have a big order for modernization of fifty fighters MiG-31 right now. Here we share interesting pictures featuring the repair process and stuff located on the territory of both objects.We hope, you’ll enjoy them.

Four Heights of the Ostankino TV Tower

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Russian blogger Dmitry Rogachev is lucky to live near the famous Ostankino tower in Moscow, however he took a chance to come there just recently. Dmitry visited all the levels of the tower – 86, 337, 340 and 360 meters, and has been on that very glass floor.

Visitors are given such badges.

Petals of the giant lily turned upside down look very big from here.

There are ten of them.

Visitors wait for searching under this roof.

TV and radio center of Russia is seen from the side of the tower.

Academician Korolev Street.

Inside it becomes more interesting – we can see a small exhibition of pictures of beautiful views.

The Ostankino TV Tower was built in 1967 under the project of a Soviet scientist and builder Nikolay Nikitin.

The first mark is 86 m.

The tower from inside.

Tower foundation is made from prestressed ferroconcrete and metal cables, each cable adds a load of 50 tons. For the period of the construction (1963-67) it was the innovative technology for the world highest tower.

Dummy worker is watching you.

See the mark? 87m…

Elements of the past.

The foundation was rather small which was another innavative technology. The tower practically stands on the ground.

At the Pulkovo Airport At Night. Illegally

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A group of young people infiltrated the airport of Pulkovo for an extreme excursion. Dressed in refelective vests they simply got over the fence and started to walk along the territory of the guarded object.

They took plenty of pictures, got into helicopters and planes and had a lot of fun. Now the administration of the airport, having seen their photos, is going to investigate the incident. The company may be finally punished. But probably it’s just a reason to think about better protection of Pulkovo, isn’t it?

This way or another, we thank the guys for the risk and these curious images.


Infiltration to the Unfinished Nuclear Heating Plant

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Gorky nuclear heating plant started to be built in early 1980s and was never finished due to multiple reasons including public protests and callapse of the USSR, of course. The plant hasn’t been built, the reactor unit hasn’t been assembled, fuel was never brought… That’s why the place is considered safe for visiting from the point of view of radiation hazard. The brave blogger lana-sator included this place in the list of great abandoned objects she has to see and shoot for us.

Endless corridors resemble those of some unfinished building, they were not even close to completion of the construction.

However numerous thick protective doors bring us back to reality and remind us where we are.

Some premises meet us with absolute emptiness or lonely pipes in their corners, others are messed up with different stuff.

It seems that every new door leads to a new place but quite soon you have a sense of deja vu. Are we at the start point again? Or not?