Rosatom’s Foreign Partners Carrying Out Obligations

ST. PETERSBURG, July 25 (RIA Novosti) – All foreign partners of Russia’s national nuclear corporation Rosatom fully comply with their obligations in joint projects, the company’s head, Sergei Kirienko, said Friday.

“To date, we have reached the volume of contracts with foreign countries amounting to over 22 nuclear blocks. The number of our foreign contracts has increased by two and a half times and by the year-end it should reach $100 billion,” Kirienko told journalists, adding that he was speaking about a 10-year period.

“None of our foreign partners have given up their obligations,” Rosatom head stressed.

He added that the company was planning to sign a number of new agreements with foreign partners in the second half of the year but withheld further details.

Russia's Largest Defense Consortium Sees Canada’s Sanctions as Political Bias

MOSCOW, July 25 (RIA Novosti) - Canada’s decision to impose sanctions on Russia’s Almaz-Antey Corporation is politically biased and taken under pressure of the United States, the company’s press service stated on Friday.

“We believe that sanctions announced by Canada are yet another example of unfair [market] competition,” a company representative said.

The company assured the press that the group develops and produces defensive weapons exclusively, as well as a wide range of civilian products. The corporate response comes after Almaz-Antey came under sanctions of both the United States and Canada over the past week.

On Friday, Canada announced its decision to follow the US’ lead in adding a number of Russian defense and mineral companies as well as banks in its list of sanctions, including Almaz-Antey, a lead developer and manufacturer of air and missile defense systems. The new measures impose restrictions on the “issuance of new financing for the designated energy and financial entities” in an effort to put further “increasing economic and political pressure” on Russia.

The West’s sanctions are supposedly a reaction to Russia’s policy in Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly called the language of sanctions counterproductive and said these measures would have a boomerang effect on the economies of the sanctioner.


Half Million Dollars Heart


In the city of Mirny, diamond capital of Russia, a cool flashmob was held and visited by 457 people. They assembled a really huge heart from diamonds.


“Russia Yakutia”.

Here you see five thousand 5 hundred carats (over 1 kg), the approximate cost of the exposition is 500 thousand dollars.



Another heart was shaped by those very visitors.




Mirny is a diamond capital of Russia. It was named after the kimperlite pipe “Mir” opened here. Today it is 525 meters deep and over 1200 meters wide.


The biggest diamond ever found in Russia was extracted here in December 23, 1980. Its weight was equal to 342,5 carats (over 68 grams), the diamond was named … “the XXVI Communist Party Congress”.

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Aviation Museum Under the Open Sky

There is a good aviation museum founded by a Russian pilot in Kurgan,presently it has fifteen flying vehicles under the open sky. We are going to visit this place today.

“Aviation museum”.

Soviet jet-fighter MiG-17 was the first mass produced Soviet fighters that gained the acoustic velocity.

Its cabin, just as the cabins of other vehicles in the museum, is in a good condition.

MiG-19 – a Soviet single-pilot jet-fighter of the second generation. This particular one is an all-weather inteceptor.

MiG-19 was the first mass produced supersonic fighter, formidable foe of American F-100 Super Sabre и F-4 Phantom II.

Further development of MiG-fighters – the Soviet multipurpose fighter MiG-21. This is also an all-weather interceptor.

MiG-17 and MiG-19P were brought here to the museum in 1991 to become its first exhibits under the open sky.

Russian Investigators Say Ukrainian Military Involved in Crimes Against Civilians

ST. PETERSBURG, July 24 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian Investigative Committee knows the names of at least 40 Ukrainian military personnel who have committed crimes against civilians in their country, committee head Alexander Bastrykin said Thursday.

“We know the names of more than 40 military middle-ranked personnel and the commanders of brigades, battalions, units, artillery units and pilots who have fired at civilian neighborhoods. We’ll get each of them,” Bastrykin said.

In connection with the events in the southeast of Ukraine, the Russian Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare. The defendants in the case are Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and Dnipropetrovsk Region Governor Igor Kolomoisky, sponsor of a number of Ukrainian security groups.

In turn, Ukraine’s Interior Ministry opened a criminal case against Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeev. According to the Ukrainian police, these people helped to formed and send the "illegal armed groups," what Kiev calls independence supporters, to southeast Ukraine.

Kiev authorities launched a special military operation in the east of Ukraine in mid-April in a crackdown on the independence movement. Hundreds of people, including civilians have died in Luhansk and Donetsk regions over the past few months.

Moscow has described the ongoing military action as a punitive operation and has repeatedly called on Kiev to put an immediate end to the bloodshed.

US Claims of Flight MH17 Downing by Militia Remain Unfounded – Russia’s Defense Ministry

MOSCOW, July 24 (RIA Novosti) – The United States has not yet provided any documented evidence to prove that the rocket that brought down the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was launched from militia-controlled territory, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said Thursday.

"It was stated that the data of the US technical intelligence and satellite photography confirmed the launch of the rocket from the militia-controlled territory. The question is: where is this data? Why hasn’t it been made available to the public?” Antonov said in an interview to the Rossiya-24 television channel.

Antonov suggested that these facts are "still, so to speak, being manufactured."

The United States presented Tuesday the information it had to support its claims that the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which killed 298 people last week, was a result of a shooting down by independence supporters in the region.

US officials said they were not sure who was behind the crash, saying independence supporters could have downed the airliner "by mistake." The officials said they relied in their conclusions partly on social media information and video recordings distributed by Ukrainian authorities.

Ukrainian government and militia have been trading blame for the alleged downing of the airliner ever since reports suggested foul play, with independence supporters saying they lacked the required technology to shoot a moving target at the given altitude.


Further Sanctions Against Russia Unjustified, Threaten Global Economic Stability - Germany

MOSCOW, July 23 (RIA Novosti) - Further sanctions against Moscow, targeting entire sectors of the Russian economy, are not a justified tool for solving a political conflict and threaten the global economic stability, German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) chief Martin Wansleben said in an interview with German Passau Neue Presse on Wednesday.

“Further sanctions targeting entire sectors of the economy are not a justified tool to solve the political conflict,” Wansleben said. “Russia is among the Germanys top-10 trade partners. 300,000 jobs in Germany depend on the export of German goods to Russia. Moreover, Russia is Germany’s major supplier of oil and gas, accounting for 35 percent of the deliveries. The previously imposed sanctions have already negatively affected economic relations between Russia and Germany,” Wansleben told Passau Neue Presse.

He also stressed that the German economy has been suffering losses since the start of the political crisis in Ukraine, and the global economy has become far less stable.

“New investments in Russia and the prospectus projects have been postponed. In 2014 we expect losses of 4 billion euro ($5.4 billion) due to lower exports to Russia, and over 1.5 billion euro ($2 billion) to Ukraine,” Wansleben said.

On July 24, the European Union will present new sanctions against Moscow targeting Russia’s financial and defense sectors.

“We’ve asked the Commission and External Action Service to prepare proposals for action including an access to capital markets, defense, dual-use goods and sensitive technologies, including in the energy sector. These proposals will be presented on Thursday,” EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said Tuesday.

Last week, the US Treasury introduced the so-called Sectoral Sanctions Identification List that affects companies and institutions in defense, energy and banking sectors of the Russian economy. The move followed the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine.

Earlier this year, the United States and the European Union imposed targeted sanctions against a number of Russian officials and companies as a response to Crimea’s reunification with Russia.

Russia's Foreign Ministry has repeatedly called the language of sanctions counterproductive and said these measures would have a boomerang effect on European economies.

Ukraine Denies Entry to Russian Journalist

MOSCOW, July 23 (RIA Novosti) - Ukrainian authorities have once again prevented Russian journalists from entering the country, denying entry on Wednesday to Rossiya Segodnya reporter Alexei Andreyev.

The document provided by Ukraine’s border service reads that the reason for his denial is a “lack of proof of the objective of the planned stay in the country and insufficient funds.” Andreyev’s counterarguments that he had sufficient funds, a booking at a hotel in Kharkiv, a journalist’s badge and an official paper detailing his assignment were not taken into account.

The Ukrainian government has prevented Russian journalists from working in the country multiple times. Another Rossiya Segodnya reporter was denied entry on April 8. The same day, Ukrainian border guards forced another reporter from the same news agency to get off the train between Moscow and Luhansk.

A VGTRK media holding reporter Yevgeny Rozhkov was also denied entry on July 14. According to the journalist, he told border guards that he was travelling to Ukraine to replace his colleague. Rozhkov had all the necessary documents, but was denied entry anyway.

Earlier, on March 7, a news crew from TVC channel was deported from Donetsk Airport, while a group of reporters from NTV channel was denied entry.